Company Info

The RTG CORP group of companies is a major international producer of documentary films and TV channels. The holding currently comprises three premium TV channels: Russian Travel Guide (RTG), Russian Travel Guide HD (RTG HD), Russian Travel Guide International (RTG INT), full cycle production studios RTG PRODUCTION STUDIOS operating in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the largest collection of films and video materials about modern Russia RTG FILMS and tour operator RTG TOUR.

The aggregate monthly audience of RTG and RTG HD TV channels in Russia exceeds 20 million viewers (16.6% of the Russian Federation population, according to TNS Russia). RTG INT TV channel broadcasts on the cable networks of 21 countries in 3 different languages (English, Turkish, Russian) with a monthly audience of over 5 million viewers.

All the activities of the RTG CORP group of companies are intended to make people all over the world travel more, learn about the world around them and look at this world in a new way. Since 2013, RTG has been participating actively in the development of the world's tourism industry as the vice-president of the World Tourism Organisation UNWTO program for affiliate members.

RTG CORP History


Production of content for RTG FILMS

Cooperation of RTG CORP with foreign partners and tourist offices.

Active content updating for RTG FILMS — the collection of documentary films about modern Russia.

Production of films about travel around the world for RTG INT TV channel.


RTG TOUR establishment

RTG TOUR starts working and specialising in the development and implementation of individual and group tours in the Russian market for domestic and inbound tourism.

A partnership agreement with the National Marketing Tourism Centre “Visit Russia” is signed.


RTG INT starts broadcasting

Launch of international documentary TV channel Travel Guide International (RTG INT), dedicated to travel around the world, it broadcasts outside of the Russian Federation in 3 languages.

RTG PRODUCTION STUDIOS produces films for RTG TV, RTG HD, RTG INT television channels.


Launch of RTG HD channel

RTG TV channel in cooperation with TRICOLOR TV presents a channel broadcasting in ultra-high-definition format ULTRA HD (4K) for the first time in the history of Russia. For this broadcasting RTG TV provides films of its own production in ULTRA HD format.

Russian Travel Guide HD (RTG HD) – documentary TV channel dedicated to exploring Russia in HD is launched.

RTG TV channel wins in the Docudrama nomination for the film "Tanya Savicheva's Blockade Diary”, at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards ceremony in Cannes.

TV channel RTG HD wins in the Best HD TV Channel nomination of the Golden Ray National Award.

RTG HD wins the AIB International Broadcasting Association award for the film "Journey to the Solovetsky Islands” in London

RTG TV channel becomes the Vice-President of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO for program affiliate members, established by the UN.


Awards won by Russian Travel Guide

RTG TV channel won in the Best Documentary Film about Travel and Tourism nomination for the film "A walk through the city of the White Nights" at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards ceremony in Cannes.

RTG TV won an AIB International Broadcasting Association award for the film "Untouched heart of the Urals."


Establishment of RTG PRODUCTION STUDIOS in Moscow

RTG TV won AIB International Broadcasting Association award for the film "In search of seal pups."

Production of films for RTG TV film started in Moscow — RTG PRODUCTION STUDIOS now operates full cycle production studios in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.


Establishment of RTG PRODUCTION STUDIOS in Krasnodar

RTG PRODUCTION STUDIOS starts production of films for Russian Travel Guide TV channel in Krasnodar.

RTG TV channel starts broadcasting in three languages (Russian, English and Turkish).


Launch of RTG TV

First documentary TV channel about Russia in Russian and English languages Russian Travel Guide (RTG TV) was launched.

RTG TV won the Best Documentary TV Channel nomination of Golden Ray National Award.


Establishment of RTG CORP

First full cycle production studio RTG PRODUCTION STUDIOS was established in St. Petersburg.

Film production for Russian Travel Guide TV channel was started.

First film A Tour of Vyborg was released.

Preparation for the launch of Russian Travel Guide TV channel.